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The Association was created to help domestic manufacturers overcome difficult times and stimulate the development of Ukraine's economy, which is torn by war, by increasing the volume of Ukrainian goods sold in the EU countries.

How it works

Only 3 steps
and your goods are on European shelves
You become a member of the Association
Become a member of the Association
(it's absolutely free)
provide information about your goods and agree on the terms of their delivery to the countries of the European Union
We present the products
We present your products
and terms of cooperation
to our European partners
We: organize the supply chain
We help with obtaining certificates
carrying out customs clearance
provide logistics in Ukraine and the European countries

Tasks of the Association

to consult Ukrainian manufacturers on the sale of their goods in the EU countries;
to provide logistic services from production in Ukraine to trade networks in Europe, using our own transport and warehouses in European countries;
to assist with processing documents, obtaining certificates, and passing through customs;
to present Ukrainian-made products at specialized exhibitions in Europe;
to organize logistics and control of transfer of samples;
to conduct negotiations with trade networks in the EU countries, make contracts, and set up turnkey deliveries;
to organize continuous deliveries of Ukrainian-made goods to the countries of the European Union.

Constantly developing

Holding discussions with dozens of European retailers and Ukrainian manufacturers every day.
EU countries
European retailors
Ukrainian manufacturers
Ukraine is going through difficult times. But morning always comes after night. The end of this terrible war will usher in a new era: the era of investments and grants from international partners. There are great opportunities for integration into the markets of the EU countries.
Andrian Danyliuk, Founder of EAUM Vector

European retailors

Dozens of European retailers
will consider your partnership offer.
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7 + retailers
12 + retailers
10 + retailers
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Europe is the most promising market for Ukrainian manufacturers in the coming years

Decrease in purchasing ability
The war led to a sharp deterioration of purchasing ability within Ukraine and the chances of her quick recovery are quite low. This process may take months or even years.
Prospects for the rapid development of production
The concentration of a large number of people in the territory of western Ukraine. Mass unemployment. The unfavorable post-war economic situation in the country... All of these are going to reduce the cost of labor that, in its turn, will lead to the rapid development of production and a decrease in the cost of manufactured goods.
Popularity in Europe
For weeks, Ukraine is the No. 1 topic in Europe. We are already known as a strong, freedom-loving, and invincible nation. The point is to show the Europeans that we produce cool competitive products.
Increasing the availability of EU markets
In March began consideration of Ukraine's application for joining the European Union, and there are high chances that the decision will be positive. It will inevitably lead to simplification of the customs procedure, certification, and distribution of goods in the European countries.

Ukrainian manufacturers

The European Association of Ukrainian Manufacturers Vector gives you the opportunity to sell your products in Europe
as easy as you do it in Ukraine.
Clothing 6 Makeup 14 Food 16 Other 3 Presents 13

Ukraine is Europe

Ukraine is steadily approaching integration with the European Union. The number of barriers is constantly decreasing. Now is the best time for Ukrainian manufacturers to conquer European markets.
This can be done fastly.
Ukraine is already highly integrated with the EU.
With Ukraine's membership, the European Union will gain a nation, which today is a main fighter of the continent - fighter for freedom, for democracy, for equality, and therefore for Europe. For Ukraine, it is the end of a very long way to the European community, which we have historically been a part of.
Volodymyr Zelenskyy The President of Ukraine
Ukraine has got a "green light" to become a member of the EU
The EU leaders gave a very clear mandate to the European Commission to start the process of considering Ukraine's application for EU membership, which means a "green light" for the country's progress towards this goal.
Kaja Kallas The Prime-Minister of Estonia
Ukraine is Europe. And it should always be that way
News about Ukraine appears regularly in the European mass media. The reports are not only in news releases but come literally from everywhere.
Radio Svoboda Independent media company
Conquer Europe today, Join the EUV Vector!
More than 100 craft Ukrainian producers are already with us.

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